Complementary Massage Therapy 

Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure – structured, unstructured, stationary, or moving – tension, motion, or vibration, done manually or with mechanical aids. Massage can be applied with the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a massage device. Depending on the application and technique used, massage is used to promote relaxation and well-being, and is beneficial in treating sports injuries and other problems affecting the musculature of the body such as postural misalignment and many painful conditions.

Bare foot walk on massage on your back with full weight

Bare foot walk on massage on your back with full weight

In professional settings massage clients are treated while lying on a massage table, sitting in a massage chair, or lying on a mat on the floor, while in amateur settings a general purpose surface like a bed or floor is more common. Aquatic massage and bodywork is performed with recipients submersed or floating in a warm-water therapy pool. The massage subject may be fully or partially clothed or unclothed.

Knee walk on massage on your back

Knee walk on massage on your back

Our Massage Therapies 

  • Swedish Massage

Swedish oil massage

Swedish oil massage

–  You can take your clothes off –

You are allowed to take off clothes and cover yourself with towels, lay on the massage table in our private office in Chiswick or at your home if you have or purchase a massage table. Alternatively we can massage on your firmer bed, or on a floor with a padding or thin mattress at your home or hotel room.

– Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil or Bees Wax as Massage Mediums –

Normally one of the most popular Sweet Almond Oil is used as massage medium if you are not allergic to nuts. The reason for the popularity is it has greasy texture which nourish your skin and has a longer time until the oil is absorbed. Alternative oil we use is grape seed oil for people who have nuts allergy or if less greasy texture is preferred. If you do not like any greasy texture of oil, bees wax can be requested in advance as it present as a semi-solid formula which melts immediately on the skin, while it still delivers smoothness feeling of massage.

  • Asian Style Oriental Massage
Dry oriental massage

Dry oriental massage

– You can leave your clothes on or take it off –

Majority of Asian style massages are taken place with dry massage, usually pyjamas are worn in Japan, for example. With our services, you can take clothes off and we apply massage on top of towels covered on you at our private office or at your home, or on top of thin t-shirt and training trousers at your home.

– Dry Massage without Massage Mediums –

Typically Asian massages are dry massages with some exceptions like Thai oil massages. However, we can combine oil Swedish massage which involves a lot of stroking techniques with Asian style Oriental massage techniques which involves more of acupressure points kneading, bending and stretching techniques.

  • Stated Shoulder Back Massage
Seated chair massage at your office

Seated chair massage at your office

– Massage at Your Office –

Ergonomic chairs serve a similar function as a massage table. We come with portable massage chairs to your office as recipients do not need to disrobe to receive a chair massage. Shorter massage time of around 15 minutes per person for massaging shoulders, neck, head and back, without using any massage mediums.


The Benefits of Massage to the Various Systems of the Body

General Benefits ;

  • feels good and it is a pleasurable experience
  • increases the body’s self-awareness and sensitivity
  • reduces stress, tension and anxiety levels
  • calms the nervous system and has a balancing effect
  • relaxes, focuses and clears the mind
  • helps to improve and maintain posture
  • helps to fulfill the need for a caring and nurturing touch
  • encourages self-esteem and a general feeling of well-being
  • increases awareness of the whole being connection and improves your emotional awareness

The Skin, Integumentary System ;

  • massage increased the blood supply therefore feeding the skin with oxygen and nutrients
  • regenerates tissue
  • improves elasticity of the skin, especially scarring
  • stimulates blood flow to nourish and feed the skin, hair and nails
  • improves skin tone by removing dead skin cells (exfoliation) and improving circulation
  • improves the condition of the skin

The Skeletal System ;

  • reduces joint strain and compression
  • improves nutrition to the joints
  • increases range of joint movement
  • improves posture and alignment

The Muscular System ;

  • massage reduces pain, inflammation and swelling
  • increases flexibility and range of movement
  • improves muscle tone
  • reduces the formation of adhesions
  • relieves muscle cramps, spasms, tension and soreness
  • improves the blood supply increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients
  • accelerates physical healing
  • prevents muscular atrophy

The Nervous System ;

  • massage has a stimulating or sedative effect depending on the type of massage performed
  • reduces nervous tension, thus helping with pain relief
  • relaxes the muscles and helps establish proper tone through its effect on the neuromuscular pathways
  • affects neurotransmitters in the brain
  • helps balance the autonomic nervous system
  • improves transmission of nerve impulses
  • stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system helping the body renew and repair

The Endocrine System

  • massage produces endorphins (the feel good hormones)
  • production of oxytocin
  • reduces adrenalin (our flight and fight response to perceived stress and threat)
  • balances the body and homeostasis regulating hormones
  • helps the body restore and heal the respiratory system by its de-congestive action
  • normalised the breathing pattern through relaxation and the release of tension in the rib and intercostal area
  • encourages deep breathing
  • regulates respiration
  • increases action of the heart, stimulating blood flow to and from the lungs helping with gaseous exchange

The Lymphatic System ;

  • massage increases the circulation of lymph
  • stimulates the immune system by the increased production of lymphocytes
  • reduces oedema (swelling)
  • removes lactic acid from sore muscles helping speed recovery
  • assists drainage of lymph to the lymph nodes improving the removal of toxins, helping to cleanses the body

The Circulatory System ;

  • massage increases nutrition (blood flow) of the tissues by and increased exchange of fluids (blood and lymph)
  • increases the number of red blood cells
  • lowers the blood pressure
  • reduces heart rate
  • improves venous and lymphatic flow
  • reduces swelling

The Digestive System ;

  • by improving metabolism and aiding absorption, reducing cramps or spasms
  • massage assists the normal movement through the alimentary canal
  • facilitates the peristalsis movement through the intestines speeding elimination of waste products and reducing toxicity
  • stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to help digestion
  • stimulates activity of the kidneys and liver

The Urinary System ;

  • improves elimination of urine
  • cleanses the body of toxins, waste and debris by increasing the action of the kidneys

The Reproductive System ;

  • massage balances the release of reproductive hormones
  • reduces depression and anxiety, helping relax people
  • helps with preparation of birth


Contra-indiations are reasons why a treatment may not take place. Below are only a few examples of restrictions of when massage can not be taken.

  • High temperature to fever
  • Varicose veins
  • Acute swelling or inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Recent fractures, operations
  • Pregnancy (not in first trimester)
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Skin conditions
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Heart conditions, thrombosis, embolism
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sepsis, cellulites
  • Whiplash, recent concussion

With a GP referral letter confirming to permit to receive complimentary massage therapies in the presence of illnesses and any other contra-indications, we may be able to take place massage therapies.

However, the information above is partly quoted from Wikipedia Massage page and Massage Guide Book from Gateway Workshops. Any guide on our website is for general information only and if you have concerns about a specific medical health issue but not limited to the above, you are advised to see a doctor first.

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