Massage St. John’s Wood

My name is Mia Costa, the business owner of QUALITY LIFE SENSE, a genuine Japanese brought up near Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka-prefecture, in the middle of Tokyo and Osaka, where the headquarters of top world-class automotive manufactures are based. I have been living in London since 2000, worked in Japanese listed companies in London and Japan, then started holistic massage therapies since 2014. I started providing massage treatments to corporate customers based in Chiswick Business Park on Wednesdays and Fridays and also providing visiting massages including Swedish deep tissue, acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy, Shiatsu style oriental massages to all customers in London everyday since October 2015. Massage St. John’s Wood

I visit hotels and residential homes in London daily. Please read the latest report on my blog post here.

I previously worked for one of the best massage agency in London and had many regular high-end clients, who have been impressed by the deep tissue massage on back with relaxing and mentoring massage therapies.
The highly trustworthy personal credibility have naturally been generated from the work experience in office management background and the whole life experience with traits and lovely character.
Deeper therapeutic Swedish massage with bespoke acupressure style intensive treatment releases stress and mitigate acute condition of strains. Treatment of Mia stands out from others with experience of having medical acupuncture, moxibustion, oriental dry massages such as Seitai, Shiatsu and Chinese reflexology massages, and that makes clients satisfy with adequate pressure from right angles at the right pressure points following their request. Massage St. John’s Wood
Having regular treatment of Mia who have an exceptionally pure mind of healthy living since the fortunate full recovery from a critical chronic illness 5 years ago, available at Chiswick Business Park or at clients’s place help maintain wellbeing with the therapeutic mentor approach to healthful body and mind and promote to achieve your targets.

In terms of the corporate massages, it has been several months since we started offering promotional tasting massages in Chiswick Park, we have realised that so many people in Chiswick park have interests to having massage during their short break. Please request your bespoke massage combination from Swedish deep tissue, acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy, Shiatsu style oriental massages. Massage St. John’s Wood
We provide company benefit program offering employees to have short-break massage therapies during work hours to combat stress and heavy workloads, to increase energy levels and motivations as part of health and wellness management. QUALITY LIFE SENSE provide the best suited packages to the companies located in Chiswick Park and London.