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ūüćÄCorporate Massage at Well-Being Events, Reward and Benefit Programs

We encourage companies in London to make contracts for wellness benefit packages with us, offering employees to have short-break massage therapies during work hours to combat stress and heavy workloads, to increase energy levels and motivations as part of health and wellness management.

Please contact us for well-being events, reward and benefit programs.

If you and colleagues could work on HR benefit managers to start a company welfare relationship, it would be most beneficial to many of us in the city, central London, west, south London and the suburban areas such as Leatherhead, Redhill, Reigate.

ūüćÄONECARD Holders

15% „Äú 20% off a 50 minute massage

ONECARD 20%off 50 minute massage


If you work in Chiswick Business Park, you can register at Enjoy! Chiswick Park online or in their office in Building 3 for your ONECARD,

Please find the Coupon Code shown on Enjoy Chiswick Park Onecard website, then input the coupon code at the end of our web booking system to pay at the discounted price on PayPal in advance. It can not be used with other offers, including the off-peak prices already discounted at source.

¬†ūüćÄe-Gift Certificate Purchase – A Package of 2

Would you like to purchase a gift voucher as a great pamper gift for your loved one or special friend? Please purchase a set of 2 gift certificates at best deals.

  • 2 x 120 minute massage (¬£220 standard price is ¬£240)

Your designated persons or yourself will be able to use the gift certificates. Purchase online and we will send you eGift Certificates by email.

ūüćÄHealthy Eating Nutrients and Lifestyle Consultation

  • 20 minutes at ¬£20 optional to massage at our Chiswick office or at your hotel, home

Why not try integrating oriental lifestyle into western life in London and in your country. We can suggest healthy eating  lifestyle. Please add this option at the end of the booking process if you would like. You can find information about nutrients in our eBook, too.

ūüćÄMulti Session Purchase – Individual (6 for the price of 5) or Group (2 or more friends – TBA)

It is recommended  to have monthly or be-weekly massage to keep your whole body and mind healthier. Our multi sessions are very popular and at reasonable prices.

Please purchase them on the online booking system first, and then book for the date/time you would like on the system again, so the booking system will navigate you to select using the prepaid sessions.

  • 50 minutes x 12 sessions (can be shared with a friend)
  • 90 minutes x 6 sessions at ¬£450
  • 120 minutes x 6 sessions at ¬£600
  • 150 minutes x 6 sessions at ¬£750

ūüćÄFriend Referral¬†Offer

Contact us with details of your friends, once 5 friends of you have had a 50-minute or longer massage with us, you will receive a free 2 hours massage gift voucher for your next therapy.

Visiting Home & Hotel Massage – Latest Offers, News

ūüćÄMulti Session Purchase for Home Visit Massage¬†

  • Purchase 10 x 2 hours Massage with a Free Massage Table

Please purchase 10 x 2-hour massages in advance and you will get a free massage table worth £130, for your head and all other parts of body to rest comfortably and receive better effects of massage techniques in appropriate postures throughout the treatment.

Please purchase them on the online booking system, and then to book for the date/time you would like to use.

It is certainly an economical and safer way, considering the time, money and therapists’ health and safety issue we can save and avoid. The same day delivery in London for the typical size 95cm x 75cm x 18cm and weight 15kg to 18kg of a massage table, cost at least ¬£40 for just one journey for door to door delivery.

If you would like to have a single massage with massage table, please purchase the option of massage table at £130 and write the access details for delivery when you book in advance.

ūüćÄ2 hours¬†Couples Massage¬†for Home Visit¬†

1 hour massage each in turn for couples at home is £120. Recommended for parents with small children, in turn look after your children while one of you have massage.

ūüćÄEpsom Salt Bathing with Head Massage or Foot Reflexology

  • 20 minutes ¬£20 optional to massage at your hotel, home

Have a bath with a few cups of Epsom salt, while having our head massage. Soaking in a hot bath before having a full body massage will have better fluid circulation that means we can expect better effects of the massage. Research evidenced effect of Epsom salt will help intake Magnesium Sulphate through your skin so that tired muscles are detoxed, relief from pain and feel much more relaxed. Majority of people actually fall asleep during massage and we can expect the whole treatment leads to introduction to the peaceful sleep at that night.

If you do not have a bath tub at home or hotel rooms, we can use a bucket to have a foot bath with Epsom salt and you will have a benefit of foot reflexology massage, which stimulate your immune system, treat organs which correspond to parts of soles.

Please see our Oriental Life Style e-Book for Oriental Onsen hot spring habit, too.